One of the best pieces of advice that a Podiatrist can give to their patient, is to choose the correct shape and size of shoe for their feet!!

A finger width gap from the longest toe to the end of the shoe is the golden rule to ensure there is enough space to prevent the toes from clawing. This can prevent rubbing of the toes leading to callus, corns and ulcerations.

Whatever your age, it is vital that the shoes are correctly fitted whether that is by the shoe shop assistant or by yourself once you are armed with the appropriate advice from your Podiatrist.

The health of your feet is the Podiatrist’s chief concern! At an initial appointment, we will carry out a vascular and neurological assessment to check the general status of your circulation and sensations, as well as a general look at where any painful or non painful calluses/lesions may be.  Checking for verrucas and fungal infections is also very important and an advice and treatment plan will be given.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Podiatry team at Luck’s Yard by ringing 01483 527945.