Having patience with the healing process

One of the most common questions we get at Luck’s Yard Clinic is: “How long until this particular condition gets better?”  The second question is “why is it not getting better faster”?  These are million dollar questions, but it is a little easier to answer when you break it down and look at the processes involved.

Firstly, our bodies are not mechanical machines, they are complicated and intricate bio-machines. We are so much more complicated in our set up as we have a mechanical frame upon which we rely, but also soft tissues, and physiological systems that we equally rely on.

Secondly, healing and recovery of an injury depends on several things such as the length of time that you have been in pain, the extent of the injury and the tissues that were involved. We also take into consideration your general state of health, previous injuries and your daily lifestyle. Your mental state is also very important. It can also be a combination of all of these factors too.

Believe it or not, a fast, miraculous recovery is not always the absolute ideal, as you and your body, may not learn new and better ways of moving, and a re-injury can very easily occur in the initial healing stage.   A slower and steady recovery may allow your body and your brain to adapt to new and better patterns of behaviour with the help of manual therapy, postural advice, exercises and healthy lifestyle choices.

We human beings are habitual creatures. Not only in everyday activities but also in the way our human bodies work.  Changing these habits takes time, just as it takes time when you have psychotherapy to change mind patterns and painful memories.  We must respect that our bodies need time to adapt to new pathways, and be gentle with ourselves.