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What to wear on our feet in the summer – alternatives to flip flops

This is a very frequently asked question, as for most of us flip flops are difficult to walk in for any length of time due to them being so flat with no support.

Here are some suggestions for suitable alternatives that do support the feet and are comfortable for walking.  They come in a wide variety of colours and styles so you should find something to go with your summer dresses!


Any firm canvas shoes but the word firm is imperative: most of the ballet-type shoes and canvas shoes on the market are indeed very pretty but for any amount of walking can lead to aching feet and legs as they are just too soft and will not support the feet comfortably.

Fit flops and Birkenstocks now seem to be household names and sold in many high street retailers.  Although these are not necessarily going to be supportive enough for all, they are definitely an alternative to the very flat, flimsy flip flops which tend not help with our foot, lower limb and indeed upper limb problems that we may be suffering from.

Sensible summer shoes will hopefully be able to compliment any treatment that you may be having at Luck’s Yard without undoing all the good work once we step out of the clinic.

A full ladies Vionic range are now being displayed in Elphicks in Farnham for the second year running and is definitely worth a visit.  Some of their styles do also contain simple comfortable insoles for the mild pronator which can be removed if you do indeed have your own bespoke pair.

The very supportive Moda in Pelle leather summer lace ups, especially the Alfrida style which are ideal with cropped trousers are also sold at Elphicks.  These particular shoes are also very suitable to put any custom or non custom made insoles/ orthotics in.

Don’t forget to visit and support our local businesses in Godalming  including Robert Carder www.robertcardershoes.com who stock a very good range of shoes all year round as well as Little Angels www.littleangelshoes.co.uk who mainly specialise in children’s shoes.  Their biomechanics range are very suitable for those children with orthotics as the styles are very deep.

If in Guildford, it is still worth visiting both the Hotter www.hotter.com and Ecco stores www.eccoshoesuk.com which are currently storing a full range of supportive footwear  while  also forever striving to improve the fashion of their products.

So happy and comfortable shopping this summer

With best wishes from The Podiatry team


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