Alexandra Rose, the charities’ charity, is a national organisation that fundraises on behalf of over 300 small charities in the UK.

The money raised by Luck’s Yard Clinic will specifically be directed to four local charities:


  • Andrew Windsor Almshouses, Farnham
  • Carers Support, Guildford
  • Guildford Hard of Hearing
  • The Cellar, Godalming

By having a fundraising event like this we feel we are strengthening our ties with the local community and offering a fantastic opportunity to the public, to friends of Luck’s Yard Clinic and friends of these four local charities.

So, if you have a family member or know someone at work who complains of back and / or neck pain and needs chiropractic care, come down to Luck’s Yard Clinic from 28th June – 3rd July 2010.

Spaces for chiropractic initial consultations are limited so an early booking is recommended.

Call: 01483 527945