Winter feet tend to be dry, cracked and generally sore. This can be due to cold temperatures and central heating being on constantly. A few clever tips may keep your feet more comfortable this winter.

Please cream your feet every day. Find a cream that suits your skin, as everybody’s skin type is different. I recommend a foot cream that has a high urea content of about 25%. This will ensure that the cream sinks into the skin and does not just stay on the surface. Pumicing the feet daily is also very important. Please do not use blades or anything that resembles a cheese grater!!

The ideal daily routine is to use an old-fashioned pumice stone or synthetic sponge for just 30 seconds when feet are dry before a shower or bath, followed by a suitable cream. Cream is not necessary in between toes, as they are moist enough. Surgical spirit applied with a cotton bud in between toes helps prevent splits developing.

Routine chiropody treatment is also necessary to ensure that all of your hard work is not in vain. Callosities and any painful lesions can be removed, allowing your regular foot care to help maintain the good work in between visits.

One last warning: please do not use corn pads unless discussed with your Podiatrist first, and remember that chilblains are very common in this cold weather. Appropriate management and treatment is essential to prevent chilblains worsening.

Please seek advice about any foot care concerns and any recommended creams.

Happy feet for the New Year from Yvette Mann Podiatry!!!