We would just like to share with you two things that have happened in the last two weeks at Luck’s Yard.

Firstly, Tone’s stretch App ChiroMoves – the app for people with busy lives –  is now out on iTunes (for iPads to begin with).

It contains several 5 minute exercise films divided into:

  • Upper body films
    • Mid back, arm stretches, neck stretch, jaw relaxation and neck meditation.
  • Low back films
    • Two stretch and two strength films for the lower back.
  • Lower limb films
    • This has several films for the legs and calves to support your podiatry or sports therapy care.


The uniqueness of the app is that it also has a reminder system so that you can set it at any time you like.

In the New Year we will try to bring it out on other modalities and also on a DVD for home use.

Please let us know if you like them and do leave a review if you have a spare minute.

Our second piece of news is that Tone was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year of the Surrey section of the Entrepreneur Circle last week.  The award is given for our dedication for customer service, inventions, community work and enabling the team.

This award is dedicated to the whole team of Luck’s Yard as without our loyal, hardworking front desk team and therapists we would not be who we are.

And not to forget our wonderful supporters who light up our day and make it so much fun to work!