Daniela is one of our Chiropractors at Luck’s Yard Clinic.

Daniela was born in Mexico and after spending time in the USA working within child-care she moved to the UK in 2006.  Following her introduction to the techniques and benefits of chiropractic care though family and friends, she decided to follow the path to become a chiropractor.

In 2009 she began her training at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic where she has learnt from some of the most experienced chiropractors from around the world and has had the opportunity of working with new born babies, adults and athletes.

In her spare time she enjoys keeping active by taking her lovely French bulldog Louie for walks along the beach or in the forest as well as going fishing with her husband.

Daniela enjoys working with patients using chiropractic techniques, soft tissue work, exercises and stretches as well as lifestyle and nutrition advice.  She believes that patients’ involvement in their treatment is imperative for their recovery.  She thinks it is essential to address any kinematic changes to the body including that of the nerves, muscles and skeleton, that can alter the movement pattern thus leading to dysfunction.