“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. 

It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

As we meander through August, away from the fiery heat, through the thunder and lightning, into the soothing coolness, I am mindful of just how much the weather can mirror our own life experiences.

However we wish to reflect on our personal lockdown experiences, many of us have had the opportunity to become fully immersed in family life. A hot topic of conversation amongst us all has been how we are weathering the storms and sunshine of family dynamics.

With the start of the school term approaching, it feels as if we may well be experiencing the calm before the next storm as so many professionals are advising us to prepare for not only a second wave of COVID but also that many of our children will experience challenges with their emotional well-being.

Let’s not wait! Let’s be proactive, let’s be realistic and let’s give ourselves the following permissions in order to weather the storms, come what may.

Family Permissions


It’s okay not to have control of my thoughts, feelings, communication and behaviour all the time.

Perfect Imperfection: 

It’s okay to be wrong.


It’s okay to let there be a problem without always needing to find a cause.

The Five Freedoms:

  1. It’s okay to feel my feelings
  2. It’s okay to think my thoughts
  3. It’s okay to have my beliefs
  4. It’s okay to want
  5. It’s okay to dream


It’s okay to talk honestly


It’s okay to see what is real and truthful

Completion and Tenacity:  

It’s okay to resolve difference

Reliability and Resilience:  

It’s okay to keep learning

The very nature of receiving these permissions increases our awareness of those around us. It is this authentic awareness of others and ourselves that permits us to dance in the rain.

Melissa L.  Carter, Family Life Coach

reproduction courtesy of @Vickie Wade Art