We welcome in 2019 with a fit looking Damian Kirby, one of our Luck’s Yard Heroes who is seen here with his Personal Trainer, Becky Poyntz.

1)      What makes you laugh or smile?  
The theatrics of our cat when there is food around!  Also politicians attempting to extricate themselves from promises made during electioins.

2)      What inspires you in life?  People from all walks of life who have achieved almost the impossible through hard work and determination.  Reading the New Scientistfor the last 25 years – so many fascinating and exciting developments in medicing, AI, quantam physics etc.

3)      If you ever wake up feeling low, what do you do to revive your sparkle? I hardly ever wake up feeling low, but if I did, I would walk out into the countryside from our beautiful village which would more than revive my sparkle!

4)      What is your secret health- recipeCrushed avocado and sliced tomato on toasted rye bread for breakfast.

5) How do you relax?  Travelling to far flung places.  We plan the next year ahead to make sure it actually happens.  Also, a good book or film curled up on the sofa on a wet afternoon.

6)      What is your favourite book? I dont have a favourite one but I am presently enjoying Ken Follett’s historical novel “A column of fire” which is  part of the Kingsbridge series describing the troubled relationship between Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth 1 against the background of religious persecution during the 16th Century.

7)      What is your best quote? Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

8)      What would you do all over again?We set up our company in 1982 and 36 years later it still prospers.

9)      What do you think has helped you to be fit and healthy today? Our trainer Becky who has organised exercise and benchmarked our progress for the last 14 years.

10)   What advice would you have told your younger self? Become a hedge fund manager!