This weekend Tone went to a very exciting seminar with the lead chiropractic scientist Heidi Haavik from the Centre for Chiropractic Research in Auckland, New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Heidi is Norwegian by birth, but studied in New Zealand.

When she graduated she realised that she was more interested in understanding how chiropractic works than actually practising it, so she continued her studies and achieved a PHD some years later.

She has now continually done research for 20 years with her team, and she works with scientist around the world, and tours the globe sharing their work.

Chiropractic has never been more exciting, and we have come such a long way from the beliefs we had when Tone was in chiropractic College 28 years ago.

At that point the main theory was that a bone out of place could cause pinching of a nerve and therefore irritation, inflammation and pain both locally and peripherally.

Now Heidi’s team are looking at how the brain is communicating with the spine, and it’s  communicating with the rest of the body.

We are still a little way from being able to fully share the results of this new exciting work, but we hope that someday soon we can share more with you all.

Here are two short films that Heidi’s team have created to share how chiropractic works.

Introduction to chiropractic

Understanding pain