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Lucks Yard Clinic

The chiropractic clinic that helps you keep going …

The chiropractic clinic that helps you keep going …

Eat Mediterranean for all round good health

Our blogger Pippa reminds us of the principles of the Mediterranean and Blue Zone diets and why we should be trying to adopt this advice. There is now so much evidence that maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise, good sleep habits and looking after your mental health all have a beneficial effect on healthy ageing. [...]

Men’s health awareness: prostate health

As June is Men’s Health awareness month, in this blog we are highlighting some of the common health conditions that affect men. In males in the UK, prostate cancer is the most common cancer, with over 480,000 new cases diagnosed in 2017, accounting for 26% of all new cancer cases in males. The estimated lifetime [...]

Men’s health: maintaining a healthy weight

As June is Men’s Health awareness month, in this blog we are highlighting some of the common health conditions that affect men (although women may also be at risk of the following health conditions). Healthy bodyweight In 2018 The Health Survey for England found that around 70% of men (aged 16 years and over) were [...]

Keeping you healthy in mind and body

Here is a summary of some of our blogs that Pippa Mitchell has written in the past that are related to the Mediterranean Diet and why it is so important to adopt these principles to protect us from a range of diseases.  Click through to read more on each subject: Cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure, [...]

Might you be at risk of developing diabetes?

Could you be prediabetic and not know? Has your weight been creeping up on you over the years and is proving difficult to shift – despite your best efforts? Or maybe your energy levels are on the floor? It’s easy to push to the back of your mind. Surely, your food and lifestyle choices and [...]

Is it possible to eat healthily on a budget?

Nutritional Therapist, Fiona Hayers has some great ideas to help you continue to eat healthily while saving on food costs: Food prices continue to rise and it is now harder to provide filling meals whilst keeping to a budget. The sad fact is that despite supermarket food costs rising exponentially, the same is not true [...]

Eat healthy for stress support

When we are  stressed we often reach for a sugary snack to give us that comforting boost when we feel low and which feeds our reward sensors in the brain. Unfortunately that feeling is short lived and before we know it, we're grabbing for another 'hit' of sugar. However it is much healthier to choose [...]

Feed your microbiome to improve your sleep

A little while ago we wrote about research that was undertaken regarding the affect beneficial bacteria in the gut has on sleep - the quality and amount that we manage to get. The current turbulence in our world also has a big impact on our stress levels and sleep is one of the first things that [...]

Time to forage for berries

The hot weather we have enjoyed this summer is now literally bearing fruit!  The hedgerows are full of wild berries ripened to perfection. The blackberries are wonderful at the moment – juicy, sweet berries – it really has been a bumper harvest and free for the picking!  What’s not to like? Well, OK … a [...]

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