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Lucks Yard Clinic

The chiropractic clinic that helps you keep going …

The chiropractic clinic that helps you keep going …

Buggies and back pain

Tone passed this article to me that contains great advice for mums when pushing prams. However, having read the article I would definitely include dads too! Having to push a baby, toddler or small child in a variety of different prams, strollers, double buggies etc can have a big impact on the health of your [...]

Night waking normal for babies

For those parents who are regularly staggering around in the dark at all hours of the night  trying to comfort a crying baby new research may offer a crumb of comfort! A new study from Swansea University has shown that it is perfectly normal for babies up to 12 months to be waking and feeding during [...]

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

We take special care of pregnant women and endeavour to help you to feel confident about your pregnancy. Our aim is to work with you to achieve: • Good postural, spinal and pelvic alignment • Muscle balance and relaxation • Awareness of postures and exercises for birth preparation • Confidence and comfort We also run [...]

Children's chiropractic

We are very experienced in treating toddlers and older children (school age and teenagers) at Luck’s Yard Clinic. At Luck’s Yard clinic we have a standard for the evaluation and treatment for each age group and problem. This has been created from clinical experience and following best practice recommendations. Your child’s progress and development is [...]

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