You cannot change what you don’t know!

The most important thing when you decide to sort your body out is to realize that change can only start when you have observed your own postural habits and then start listening to what the body really tells you. Observation then leads to understanding and then you can make changes.  Change is hard and difficult for us habitual people, but we can do it: little by little, day by day.

It is helpful to follow your manual therapist and chiropractor’s advice on posture and exercises. For this reason we encourage an active rehabilitation program at Luck’s Yard, either in a group setting or individually tailored from the Luck’s Yard team. It is really important that it is something that you will enjoy so that you will stick with it.  We also recommend our patients to do Pilates and Yoga in local classes which is really beneficial for long term care.  Rehabilitation exercises teach your muscles to support your mechanical frame, but also to be smarter in their movements to serve your mechanical frame the best possible way. This is what we call preventative care.

I was once told that in China there are doctors who only get paid when their patients are well.  Imagine how that would work in our society and it would turn our vision of health care on its head!

We see many people at Luck’s Yard who have decided what they need a health overhaul. They have taken a personal decision about their health and what they need to stay strong and balanced. We feel it is essential that this decision is made with the manual therapist and the patient so that they are part of the decision making process concerning their health.

To help those who need more body awareness and to learn to listen to their bodies we have created a mindful body movement programme on the website

This programme helps you to start from scratch and do gentle and simple movement with more acute awareness to start the journey to increased mobility in your body.