A new study published in the the Annals of Internal Medicine has reported that patients who received chiropractic care as well as doing home exercises experienced great reduction in back-related leg pain (BRLP) than those who only did the exercises.

BRLP includes conditions such as sciatica, an extremely painful and often disabling conditions that results in more time off work, medication use and health-related costs that uncomplicated lower back pain.

Additonally, treating BRLP can be a complex task because there is little evidence to guide decisions in treatment.  Patients are usually offered non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) or other GP or consultant-prescribed pain medications including steroid injections.

In the controlled trial 192 adults with BRLP pain that was judged to be either chronic or falling between acute and chronic, were randomly assigned either 12 weeks of chiropractic therapy (up to 20 visits during that period) alongside home exercises or exercise and advice alone.

The home exercise and advice included demonstrated instructions on how to do stabilization exercises, how often to do them as well as telephone and email advice.

After 12 weeks those who had the chiropractic care as well reported greater improvement in pain and function than the exercise only group.

Our chiropractors will always provide you with exercises to practice at home and you can also buy, rent or download the ChiroMoves app or DVD.  Tone demonstrates  a wide range of exercises, stretches and movements to help continue the process of healing.


Spinal Manipulation and Home Exercise With Advice for Subacute and Chronic Back- Related Leg Pain: A Trial With Adaptive Allocation, G. Bronfort, M.A. Hondras, C.A. Schulz, R.L. Evans, C.R. Long, and R. Grimm, Annals of Internal Medicine, published 15 September 2014.