Researchers at Swansea University claim that children are facing a ‘back injury time bomb’ as a result of using computers and smartphones.  They claim that the number of primary school children receiving treatment for back or neck pain has doubled in the past 6 months.

64% of secondary school pupils interviewed said that they suffered back problems but the overwhelming majority had not reported the pain.

Although previous studies have suggested that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to back pain even those who exercise regularly still suffer pain if they are static for long periods at school.

Adam al-Kashi, the head of research and education at charity BackCare, told The Daily Telegraph: “There are many pluses to modern life and technology, but the darker side is how it divorces us from the need to use our bodies and exert ourselves physically.

“We are now living dangerously convenient lifestyles where you don’t even have to move to exist.”

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