According to the latest research from the British Chiropractic Association, one in three people suffer from back pain and its often during holiday season that things goes wrong as we change our normal daily routine.

Therefore it is important to be aware of potential hazards and with these helpful tips you can enjoy pain free holiday:

  • Luggage
  • Buy the lightest case possible with wheels
  • Two light suitcases help to distribute the weight more easily than one heavy suitcase
  • Always bent your knees and lift with your legs when lifting heavy suitcases, avoid twisting your spine
  • Push, don’t pull – pulling heavy suitcase often makes the upper body/back twist
  • Good night sleep is essential, tiredness increases the chances of injuries when travelling
  • Long car journeys
  • Adjust your car seat properly before you set off, ensure that your seat is slightly backwards and your elbows are at comfortable and relaxed angle
  • Take regular breaks and stretch your legs and arms at least every two hours.
  • Exercise in your seat if stuck in traffic, try buttock clenches, side bends and shoulder shrugs and circles
  • Wear comfortable clothing, tight clothes will restrict your movement
  • Flight journey
  • Avoid drinking alcohol during the flight cause dehydration which can exaggerate muscle pain.
  • Mineral water or soft drinks are better options
  • Same as during car journey taking gentle stretches and exercise (buttock clenches, shoulders shrugs, foot circles) prevents stiffness in the muscle and helps prevent deep vein thrombosis associated with long flights.
  • At the hotel
  • If your bed is hard, spare duvet, continental quilt or blanket on the top of the mattress helps to soften it
  • If using sun loungers, try not to lie on your tummy with your back and neck arched when reading book or magazine. Put the reading matter on the floors you can view it over the edge of the sun bed as this position helps to keep the spine in more neutral position
  • And finally relax and enjoy your pain free holiday!

For further help speak to Mariana Ferencakova at Luck’s Yard Clinic