We are very excited to be hosting our first Aroma Hub at Luck’s Yard Clinic in Milford, on Saturday 23rd March at 2.30pm (cost £5).  It will run as a regular meeting place for our local community.

We, Ruth Wheeler and Sophie Price and our team will introduce our 10 core dōTERRA Oils that make up our Natural Solutions Medicine Cabinet and we will be covering a range of issues of how to support your family health and well being including women’s health, teens, food and more.

We will meet bi-monthly to introduce dōTERRA Oils and products that may support our physical, mental and spiritual health to regular users and new people interested in learning about plant based oils.

We are Wellness Advocates for DōTERRA and are local people and include mums and teachers who have been blown away by the purity and quality of these oils. We have had amazing experiences using these products and we want to share these with you.

We are not Doctors or Aromatherapists but we receive in-depth training and have access to scientific studies and other resources at our fingertips.  We are sharers and educators and we will show you how you can be too.

DōTERRA is the largest Essential Oil company in the world and they go to extra lengths to test their oils and have created CPTG – which stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

For our first meeting we will introduce the oils briefly and how they may support you, what they are etc and you will the get chance to write down your concerns and questions.  We will research the best protocol and give you some samples to take home.

We will do a little talk on essential oils and Mums and Teens Emotional health.  We will cover how oils may be used to support teens and children through stressful moments such as exams and tests and make up a roller ball tailored to your requirements.

Come and join us for a healthy oil infused drink.

If you have any questions text or call me on 0776 906529 or email info@ruthwheeler.co.uk

or call email:

07956 943796