Due to the heat wave , I have been kept busy with nail fungal analysis and advice as well as general foot care to keep our summer feet comfortable and pretty looking!

Please be aware that I now carry out a very simple and quick nail analysis test in clinic which clearly determines whether treatment is needed and improved treatments are available to buy within the clinic!

October is a busy and active time for me academically. It is the month when I have another CPD weekend as well as the annual Society of Chiropody and Podiatry Conference which this year is in Bournemouth.

The CPD weekend is an opportunity to update our vascular assessment skills to include using a Doppler and taking ankle brachial indexes. This allows me to monitor my at ‘risk feet’ whether the patient is diabetic or suffering from arterial disease. This hopefully will reassure both patients and myself of the current status of their circulation and will allow me to refer on to consultants or GPs with relevant helpful information about the patient.

The Bournemouth conference is a three day event where podiatrists from all over the world can share their experiences in different areas of Podiatry. I especially look forward to going to three seminars about musculoskeletal Podiatry in adults and paediatrics.

I have been interested in biomechanics since I graduated in 1997 but still do not regard myself as an expert as I am forever learning.

Recently, I have had some very successful experiences with ‘Richie Braces’. These are specialised bespoke braces attached to an orthotic with an ankle hinge. They help patients with a foot drop or other foot conditions that effect their balance and general walking gait. It is very rewarding to see what a difference that they make to patients every day lives.

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I will continue to enjoy improving my Podiatry knowledge and sharing with you any new knowledge.

Yvette Mann at Lucksyard clinic.