The word WHY Is one of the big words in chiropractic.

As practitioners we want to understand WHY your body is behaving in a certain way.

We want to go BEYOND the symptoms of pain, aches, stiffness, pins and needles and weakness, and figure out HOW it happened in the first place. We are very interested in WHERE can we find the spinal or joint misalignment and HOW the body started to twist and turn and lean in a certain direction.

As chiropractors we also want to understand WHEN this started and WHAT mechanisms, small, short or traumatic were involved.

Chiropractors are like body detectives and our purpose is to figure out who you are and your individual biomechanical make up, so we can start to align, release, or adjust the areas of need. Each person who walks through our door is different to the other even if they have the same symptoms. No-one is the same.

In doing so, we want to help you feel less tension and build up more resilience in your nervous system so you can cope better. This is WHAT makes us get up in the morning so we can better help each and everyone we care for on a daily basis!

Finding out the WHY helps us to tailor our treatment so it is unique to you.

Tone Tellefsen Hughes