At Luck’s Yard we really care about the progress of your treatment hope we can help you  reach your own individual health goals.

As a team we have many years of experience in looking after our patient’s health and wellbeing.  We are fully aware that our care is often only one part in a more comprehensive management care-plan where you take the leading role and we are the supporting player.  That is how we want it to be as we believe that everyone should be the architect of their own health as Dr. Rangan Chatterjee purports in his book the Four Pillar Plan.

We also like the expression ‘be the co-producer of your own health’.  When you take charge of your health you have better results and better motivation to sustain the health care changes you might take on the way.  This is also what is described as ‘patient centred care‘. We are there to support you on your journey and help you navigate what you need to do to feel better and move better.

That is why we spend a long time talking to you about your medical history, and your current health situation, so we know where you are now and what your restrictions are. We want to know what you are unable to do now, or are actively avoiding so we can track your progress with you.  We take this very seriously and it helps us to make sure we are doing the best for you.

To help our patients sustain their treatment results we have created the free clinic app, the Luck’s Yard app – which contains helpful films on whole body stretching , core exercises and also balancing sequences.  But we also have created The Mindful Body Moves programme for you to understand why you might act in a certain way when you are in pain, or discomfort. The programme has a section where we explain how we hold tension our bodies when we are in pain, and then a section with exercises where you can create new ways to move your body easily.

We often say that we want help you to find your new normal’ as all behaviour starts in the brain. We are controlled by how our brain works and pain stems from the brain. It takes time to change the brain patterns but with the right treatment, practising at home  and keeping it regular you can really make changes to the way your body works.

To follow our Mindful Body Moves programme you can follow us on Facebook where we have posted a film every other day in February to March, but can also connect with it directly from our YouTube play list here:

Mindful body movements:

ChiroFlow moves:

The Luck’s Yard YouTube page:

Our wish is that you find your way to move better with more ease. Keep us updated on how you get on and we are only a phone call away if you have any questions we can help you with.

The Luck’s Yard Clinic Team