We recently organised an interdisciplinary clinic workshop with Godalming Physiotherapy clinic, Physio 1to1 this week learning how the different therapists works within each clinic.

Both clinics wanted to learn and gain a better understanding of how we can help our patients better by improving our knowledge about the different disciplines.

Nic from Luck’s Yard demonstrated his mechanical assessment to help patients’ musculoskeletal alignment and balance.

Tone showed how she does a maintenance treatment and what she will look at on these visits to help patients with the corrrect alignment.

Physiotherapists Kat and Naomi from Physio 1to1 shared how they carry out musculoskeletal assessments in acute and chronic conditions and also how their clinical Pilates rehabilitation works.

We are sure there will be even more liaisons and referrals between our clinics now to help our patients get the best care for them.