We are continuing our  active aging this year, and this month’s Hero of Luck’s Yard is Tone’s own mother Karin Sigrell.

She encouraged Tone to become a chiropractor and she has received chiropractic herself since the 1970’s.

Tone says: “I wanted to introduce her story as she epitomises what ‘Blue Zones’ stands for in so many ways: my mother, Karen is 78, and still works. She is a psychotherapist, psychoanalyst and also a family and couples psychotherapist.

She loves her work, and blends it with travelling and having long holidays through the year and living on a Baltic island over the summer months.

I hope her story is inspiring for all ages.

What makes you laugh or smile?  I smile when I see my family and closest friends around me, especially when they are happy. I laugh when someone lets loose, is playful and a little crazy – I love that.

What inspires you in life?  I still work part-time within my profession, years beyond retirement. I get emotionally involved in reading good articles about things that are new to me.  Today I read about Jakarta with 30 million inhabitants and already now 40% of the ground is under sea level – We will have so many climate refugees. I am very interested about what happens in the world. Now I have time to read about other areas than my professional background. Living in the city my husband and I love going to the movies, theatre, opera and concerts. Everything is within walking distance

If you ever wake up feeling low what do you do to revive your sparkle?  I know the feeling and I always think: Here I am again. This is my weak point that has been with me my whole life. It is a very old feeling and I know it will always be there in my life. I try to understand why I feel low just this morning. I can usually understand it. It has to do with separation issues from childhood. The feeling It is not at all rational and I accept the feeling. It is part of me.  It helps me then to do something active. I love my exercise classes, riding my bike or using the rebounder.

What is your favourite secret health-recipe?  Right now it is my husband’s protein smoothie and our family recipie of homemade infusion of ginger, lemon and honey in the morning.

How do you relax?  I love to read, but probably the most relaxing thing right now is sitting on the terrace of our Baltic Sea house and looking at the ocean listening to the birds.

What is your favourite book?  That is a difficult question as it changes all the time. Last year it was  “All the light I could not see” by Anthony Doerr.

What is your best quote?  You are responsible for your life and nobody will take care of my needs except me. Do not expect others to make you happy.

What would you do all over again?  I would definitely stay home 3-4 years with my children after they were born.  But that is 52 years ago, and in another country. It might be difficult today. I would also get a good education as I have today, and get a divorce from an unhappy marriage, even if that was so difficult at the time, and then find love again.

What do you think has helped you to be fit and healthy today?  In 1997 I had a herniated disc and was in great pain for three months. The next year my knee hurt and I had a key-hole surgery  hat showed arthritis.  The only thing I heard could help me was exercise.  Today I also have arthritis in my hip, my knee and in my spine. So having a quality life for me means keeping in shape. The benefit from my condition is that I am in much better physical condition that most people my age.  I might not have taken exercise so seriously if it had not been for my aging handicaps.

I exercise every day. I have never competed in sports but I have always loved to dance and move my body.  Chiropractic helps me whenever it is acute, and then I try to find new exercises. Right now Pilates helps me a lot. I love to exercise in a group as it gives me a challenge. I am also aware of what I eat and am becoming more and more so.

Not having access to the gym in the summer I do 15 minutes exercise before leaving the bedroom. Hip movements, back movements, balance, squats and plank.  Then I swim, bike for 40 minutes and to 4 minutes Tabata on the rebouncer.

What advice would you have told your younger self?  Follow your passion. That is what I tell my children and grandchildren. I would also have said to myself that it takes time to study. Don’t see it as something that has to be done quickly but enjoy it. With age I take time to enjoy things much more. I have the time now, and I would have liked to have that feeling when I was younger.