“A healthy brain is fundamental to our creativity, compassion and courage.”

Melissa Carter has some succinct but useful advice on how to look after our brains.  Small changes can make such a difference to our mental and physical health and she has a good book recommendation too: Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon by Rahul Jandial.

Melissa says: “This is a super read for anyone fascinated in neuropsychology and neuroscience.  In his new book Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon: the new science and stories of the brain, Dr Rahul Jandial provides practical ways in which we can improve and enhance our own brain performance.


Three ways that we can all look after our brains:

  1. Nutrition

Change our diets to include more fish and plants.

  1. Thinking

Challenge ourselves beyond what we already know and do

  1. Exercise

Be active and physical

By starting early, children learn how they can take responsibility for their own self-care and well-being.  There is nothing more empowering than feeling capable and well.

Teens benefit so much from learning how to eat well and why this is so important for brain function. Through exercise they not only learn how to look after their changing physiques, they also improve their own mental and emotional well-being, reducing anxiety and stress levels.

Should you need any encouragement the book is published by Penguin and released 27thJune. You can always come and talk to your Luck’s Yard team!