Get Britain Standing is a campaign that aims to increase awareness and educate people of the dangers of sedentary working and long periods of sitting – especially at work – whether in the office or at home.  Research has shown that regular movement whilst at work is essential to keep our bodies healthy as well as preventing illness and relieving stress.

They organise the ‘On your feet Britain Day’ which is taking place on Thursday 28th April when they are aiming to get 2 million desk-based workers taking steps with their ‘sit less and move more’ campaign:

Occupational sitting has been associated with musculoskeletal symptoms including pain in the low back and the lower extremities.

In a previous blog we detailed how posture in the workplace including prolonged keyboard and mouse use, high workload and stress are all thought to contribute to the development of musculoskeletal symptoms in sedentary workers.

The Luck’s Yard app has lots of great information on how to keeping moving and stretching your body throughout the day with easy to follow exercises:

You can also access lots of films on Youtube where we demonstrate different exercises to help specific areas of the body for example arm and shoulder exercises to relieve work related pain and stiffness:

Useful links if you would like to find out more:


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