Are exams looming in your household? Do you have a student who is struggling with motivation to study, or studying too much without giving themselves a well-earned break? Or perhaps you have a teen in your house who is working hard but not seeing the results?

Luck’s Yard is here to help!

We are running our study strategy session again and have a team of three presenters who are passionate in helping students feel more empowered to use creative and effective ways to learn.

Date: 11th March, Rodborough School library, Rake Lane, Milford, GU8 5Z

Time: 7.30 to 9 pm.

All proceeds go towards our Wellbeing garden project for teens at Luck’s Yard Clinic.

Teen workshop

This workshop will focus on helping the teenager to find their best strategy for learning and revising and effective techniques to reduce anxiety and worry around exam stress.

Students will learn to:

1) Finding their best study strategy.
2) Getting motivation for studying.
3) Managing stress around revision and exams.

This workshop is for teens only, and is aimed at helping them to be empowered and motivated to look after themselves and why self-care is so vital during this time in their lives.

Our aim is to give the teenagers the tools to conquer exam nerves: the calmer you are the better your brain performs (although some low level nerves are good for performance).

It’s about getting the right balance so that your brain can recall all that information you have spent so long revising.

Don’t let anxiety run away with you – be calm and in control.

Finding the best learning strategy and technique is also important as this could really make a difference to how an individual learns.

All participants will receive a certificate which they can use for their CV.

The facilitators on this event are:

  • Chiropractor and owner of the Luck’s Yard Clinic, Tone Tellefsen Hughes
  • Family coach and former head teacher Melissa Carter
  • NLP master practitioner and hypnotherapists Leslie Mc Call

They all work with teens on a daily basis and having seen the increase in stress and exams increase exponentially in the last ten years, are motivated and dedicated in helping teenagers find better strategies and feel more empowered during this important time in their lives.

About the team: 

Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter is a family life coach supporting parents, children and teens in all aspects of life: emotional, academic, behavioural, social and spiritual. Melissa’s creative teaching and compassionate coaching methods are the pillars of her upbeat and accessible approach.

A former Headteacher, Melissa’s unique practice has been developed over the past 25 years working in education and emotional wellbeing. Melissa has worked within the alternative, maintained, special needs and independent education sectors inspiring children to excel and teachers to achieve excellence. In 2006, she founded a pioneering school, known for its unique and ground breaking multiple intelligence approach, being one of the first schools of its kind in the UK to place emotional intelligence at the centre of its learning environment, whilst also achieving an “Outstanding” accreditation from Ofsted.

Melissa understands teaching and learning and it is her pleasure to enable students to connect with their passions and proclivities.

Lesley McCall DypCHP , HND, Master Practitioner NLP, MHNC , BSc

Lesley has spent over a decade helping teenagers and their parents learn how to manage anxiety. Intelligent and creative teenage minds can get themselves into a terrible muddle and become isolated and miserable. Yet it can be surprisingly easy to help them regain a sense of control.
Working from her home in Hindhead she tries to create a safe, comfortable and reassuring place to teach teenagers how to manage their negative thoughts and feelings so that they can have the confidence to deal with whatever life throws at them.

She uses a mixture of techniques drawn from NLP, positive psychology and hypnotherapy designed to provide a ‘toolbox’ for them to use to feel happier and more positive.

She specializes in teenagers because she likes a challenge and because she feels it is incredibly rewarding to help them develop coping techniques and positive ways of thinking that will last a lifetime.

Tone Tellefsen Hughes BSC, DC, FRCC (paeds)

Tone has been a chiropractor since 1991 and had a special focus on paediatrics and teens for most of her career.
She was voted the Chiropractors Chiropractor by her peers in 2018. She started the Luck’s Yard Clinic in 2007 and has since been teaching in Schools to support health and wellbeing as well as co-created the Surrey Teen Summit in 2015. Tone co-founded the ‘Wellbeing Garden for Teens’ project in 2019, and her aim is for the group to offer gardening for emotional wellbeing for teens in the Luck’s Yard walled garden, as well as talks on emotional and mental health for teens and parents as well.
Tone believes that knowledge is power and she is passionate to help students find their best way to learn, and has been teaching in Schools for over 12 years around Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

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