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Lucks Yard Clinic

The chiropractic clinic that helps you keep going …

The chiropractic clinic that helps you keep going …

Feed your microbiome to improve your sleep

A little while ago we wrote about research that was undertaken regarding the affect beneficial bacteria in the gut has on sleep - the quality and amount that we manage to get. The current turbulence in our world also has a big impact on our stress levels and sleep is one of the first things that [...]

Get on your feet and wiggle it!

Get Britain Standing is a campaign that aims to increase awareness and educate people of the dangers of sedentary working and long periods of sitting – especially at work – whether in the office or at home.  Research has shown that regular movement whilst at work is essential to keep our bodies healthy as well [...]

Ten tips #6 Dark and delicious chocolate

Just in time for Easter .... There is no substitute for real chocolate whatever anyone says! But the quality and health benefits of chocolate vary enormously and you can make a healthier choice when you just can’t resist it. Virtually all chocolate contains added sugar although it is possible to buy choc with 100% cocoa [...]

The link between emotion and physical pain Part lll

In her final blog examining the link between emotion and physical pain, Tone gives practical advice on how we can help ourselves. So, how can we mitigate the stress in our lives? It starts with awareness, observation and then change. Breath As we mentioned in the previous blog, when we are stressed our breathing becomes [...]

Mellow mango smoothie from the Green Hub

It’s World Mental Health Day on 10 October. To show our support we’ve created a delicious, Mellow Mango smoothie loaded with goodies. Try this healthy recipe for a sunnier start to your day! #WorldMentalHealthDay: The Green Hub Project for Teens supports World Mental Health Day – 10 October. If you are – or someone you [...]

Why owning a dog is good for you…

For those of us that already own a dog, we know what joy they bring to our lives in many different ways.  They give us unconditional love and loyalty, they are our companions, our reason to get up in the morning and they make us smile every day! Research also shows that our furry four-legged [...]

A spring in your step

‘’If you walk with a spring in your step, you are walking  energetically in a way that shows you are feeling happy and confident" For those of us who are able to walk at the moment at this difficult time of lock down , it is so important to do so!!! Here are Yvette's top [...]

Neil Hunter’s South Pole adventure draws near

A few months ago we posted a blog from Neil Hunter, one of our patients, who is trekking to the South Pole to raise money for Diabetes UK. Neil has updated us with the following: I leave the UK on 11th November so less than two weeks to go! Once in Chile I then fly [...]

Reach your goals

During March the Luck’s Yard manual therapy team including our chiropractors and massage therapists, gathered for an in-house training session. The aim was to work on concepts from our own RED-AMBER-GREEN brochure on how we can help our patients to achieve their health goals safely and efficiently. We created the RED-AMBER-GREEN brochure in 2016 to [...]

Chiropractic care in pregnancy

Introducing Jasmine Latimer, our new chiropractic recruit at Luck’s Yard. Here she explains what Chiropractic care offered her whilst being pregnant. We would like to welcome Jasmine Latimer to join our team at Luck’s Yard Clinic, after recently being away on maternity leave.   We would love to share her experience of pregnancy and chiropractic.   Jasmine [...]

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