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Chiro Connect Kids Weekend       

14-15th January 2017

Want to be part of starting a positive chiropractic revolution?


‘The weekend that will help you to communicate and connect better with families in your local community.’


  • Stuck for ideas of how to get a stronger paediatric clinic?
  • Do you want to help more children to receive care, but don’t know how to safely and effectively get the message out in your community?
  • Not really sure where to begin or where to start with social media? Is it for me?


The two days will focus on Communication!

  • How to best promote your Paediatric practice on Social Media
  • Discovering your own unique communication style
  • Increase your confidence to share how you can help others.
  • Top tips of how to engage with your local community.
  • How to be more creative and find your own ‘flow’.
  • How to build trust in your community.


What will you get out of this weekend?

Clarity, confidence, goals, ideas, inspiration, communications tips, a tribe.


Location: The Manor House Hotel Godalming.



We are limited to 40 participants so book early to avoid disappointment!


If you’d like to discuss our special Paeds Event or more One2One Coaching with either Tone or Justine please get in touch.



Welcome to a day to MOTIVATE you, and your team.


Tone and Justine will inspire you to:

  • Do marketing without boasting.
  • The secret key to implementation and beating procrastination.
  • How to empower your team to work with
  • Finding your own authentic communication.

Presenter: Tone Tellefsen Hughes

Tone has been serving patients for nearly a quarter of a century now, and is one of life’s madly creative souls. She built her clinic from scratch in 2007 and has created a strong brand and concept in this time, where everyone in the area knows who they are. You name it and she has done it, but most importantly, she is keen to share with you what she has found useful along the way.  She was voted Entrepreneur of the Year in Surrey 2013. Tone is a techno-phobe, but loves having a go at new things, so if she can-you can!

Presenter: Justine Fisher

Justine and Tone have known and worked together for several years, Justine created the original video content for Lucks Yard website and YouTube channel and they continue to collaborate in various ways, most recently in the ChiroMoves DVD series and App.

Justine is a qualified broadcast journalist, filmmaker and Final Cut Pro editor; she also leads the Multimedia module for 2nd year BA Journalism undergraduates at City University, teaching video & podcasting, online blogging and word press. She worked in radio and television for twenty years, predominately at BBC1 & ITV1 and now brings her skills and knowledge to SMEs, corporates and charities through her media consultancy Madfishmedia Limited.

I want to know more:

Please contact Justine by e-on:


What do others say about the course:

“Tone is remarkable in her calm, clear and honest communication and of her ethos which is inspiring and hugely motivating. Without any ego her willingness to share her experiences and resources is evidence of her genuine desire to help her colleagues to achieve their goals.”
“Justine has such a friendly and approachable style and presents her media skills training with such enthusiasm it makes even the most camera shy want to become a film star”
Dr. Mark Kennedy, Winchester Spine Centre, February 2016.


‘This two day workshop was held with loving energy. I have both learned new ideas and been reminded of useful things, such as why I do what I do. A revelation!’ David


“I found that in a friendly setting of cross like minded /skilled individuals it was a safe environment to explore ideas and gain knowledge.” Bridget


“I can highly recommend this workshop to others. The workshop is very focused each individual and hence suits a small group of practitioners. The workshops I attended had chiropractors, osteopaths, counsellors, psychotherapists all from different backgrounds, ages and at different points in their careers. The workshop was brilliant as it allowed the individual to grow as individual and offer support and ideas to someone else.” Hazel


“The Chiro Connect workshops have been a great help in a really nice, comfortable setting, with two great leaders. Both Tone and Justine have helped me to create greater clarity about what I do and why and to help me understand the clients I wish to attract and strategies of how to attract them. Thank you!! ” Ian Doble


“Tone and Justine’s workshops helped us to focus on the importance of using social media not just as some sort of optimistic and haphazard pseudo-advertising, but as way for us to actually connect to our community in a number of different ways. That for us is the important thing: the connection to the community that is around us. That’s the community we want to serve.” Derek


“A refreshing change. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is struggling to develop their website with their own personality and gain new skills. I can’t wait to attend the next one.” Liz


“Tone and Justine are warm, friendly, welcoming, and not least inspiring! They have helped me to discover my own confidence by prompting me to reflect upon what I have to offer and my unique selling point. This is quite a contrast to other marketing courses that give blanket motivational blurb than can be hard to retrofit to your individual business. I now know what works for me, and best of all have been guided to discover this for myself. Thank you Justine and Tone!!” Sally 


‘Tone Tellefsen Hughes was invited to my clinic in 2014, to hold an inspirational workshop for 25 Norwegian chiropractors and team members. The topic was motivation, leadership, and practice building. Tones strength is her ability to be unafraid and try out new ideas to spread her message into the community. She practice what she preaches, and her sincerity in spreading her message gets people’s attention. She presents her messages in an easy style to follow. It shows that she has researched the audience before she lectures and that she is well prepared and is passionate about the subjects she is presenting. She is a well of ideas, and along with her openness and ability to observe, her interest in other people, and her endless energy to practice self-growth, makes her one of my big sources of inspiration. We need to grow more individuals like her in our profession.’ Elisabeth


Contact if you would like to know more!

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