Tone was born in California to Norwegian parents. She trained at the Anglo European College of chiropractic for 4 years and spent the next 2 years in Stockholm finishing her Swedish certification and Chiropractic registration. In 1993 she came to the UK and worked as an associate in Reigate, Staines and lastly Godalming.

Tone started Luck’s Yard Clinic in 2007 where she was able to realize her vision to create a centre of complementary health care. At Luck’s Yard all the therapists work as a team looking after the best interests of the patient together and linking with other health care providers in the area.

Tone says:

“I believe that each patient is unique and therefore needs individual care and attention. I use traditional chiropractic skills, mobilisation, soft tissue techniques and cranial work as part of my care management programme.

I believe that our unique clinic, with its range of complementary health treatments, really enhances a patient’s care because we work as a team. If we feel that one of our patients would benefit from another therapy on offer at the clinic to improve their condition, then we can provide that additional care, all under one roof.

I particularly wanted to be able to offer care for mothers-to-be, and babies at the clinic so I started the ‘Luck’s Yard Clinic new born charity checks’ in 2009 where all the chiropractors donate their time for free and parents pay a donation to charity.   Having supported the Safe Delivery Trust Fund and neo-natal units at the RSCH, we are currently supporting our paediatric patients who have special needs with subsidised chiropractic care.

I truly love chiropractic and am as excited about it now and about the care of my patients as I was 20 years ago.

Who could be luckier to love their job as much as I do and see the results that we see every day. It beats most things”.

In her spare time Tone loves reading, walking in the country and exercising. Her favourite sports are yoga and dancing. But most importantly she loves going back to her native country every year and spending time being active and close to nature. Family is very important to Tone and so she has integrated her work with her family life so she can spend as much time with her husband and children.