Counselling Testimonials

Each session that I had with Verity was incredibly powerful and I came away with some profound insights into my situation which helped me to change my perspectives.  I cannot recommend her highly enough for her skill, sensitivity, wisdom and compassionate approach. I will definitely seek her services again should I need some counselling support in the future! Anonymous female client

I knew Verity was the right counsellor for me from the first meeting. She has compassion and authenticity which is consistent throughout the sessions. I really enjoyed the creativity as I learnt so much about me unconsciously. I would highly recommend her to everyone.
Anonymous female client.

“My whole view of and approach to life has fundamentally shifted for the better.”

Anonymous Male Client

“Counselling has helped me find who I really am, and learn to appreciate it.”

Anonymous Adolescent female client

“The most positive experience of my life. It amazes me thinking back to how I was, to how I am now. I’d only wish I had gone sooner.”

Anonymous Adolescent male client

“Verity is a very unique therapist in that she is both an experienced art teacher and a counsellor. She can effectively use both these skills in a creative way to help people figure out who they are and how they feel inside. She is very experienced and makes anyone feel comfortable with her calm personality and gentle nature. I know that anyone who would start to work with her would benefit enormously.”

Tone Tellefsen Hughes DC, BSC, FRCC (paeds)
Director of Luck’s Yard Clinic

“Counselling helped me to see my past from a different perspective.”

Anonymous older female client

“Verity is one of those people who you seek out in troubled times because she is compassionate, kind, patient and above all, genuine. She is a fantastic listener and has the ability to instantly put you at ease. I would like to thank Verity for her invaluable support during some difficult times in my life.”

Anonymous female client

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