Surrey Teen Summit- How to use Olympic strategies for everyday life.

The Surrey Teen Summit is proud to present a three part series called ‘How to use Olympic strategies for managing everyday life.’

We have invited Paralympian Rachel Morris MBE and performance psychologist Miranda Banks to facilitate this brand new workshop in alliance with Tone Tellefsen Hughes, Chiropractor and director of Luck’s Yard Clinic and co-creator of the Surrey Teen Summit.

This workshop doesn’t necessarily aim to make you an aspiring Olympian but is about enabling you to have the skills to manage stress, worry, sports and general life on a daily basis.

The three workshops will have different but connected themes leading the students from the visionary and strategic planning stage, through the building of the support network and tribe around you, to the actualisation of reaching your goals. The sessions will be highly interactive and rely on student self-reflection and communication with the rest of the group.

The benefit: The aim is to help each individual to think, reflect and take personal responsibility for self-development and growth.

We know that self-motivation is a big issue for many students but also stress and anxiety around exams and performance. We are keen to help support these important issues to help each individual to find their own inner drive, organisational ability and confidence in themselves.

We highly recommend that you attend each three sessions to get the full benefit of the learning and mentoring and the most comprehensive understanding of who you are and how to harness your inner power.

Age:The workshops are suitable for anyone in secondary education all the way through to adult education. We learn through life and we can all learn from each other.  All you need to bring is an open mind to learning from others and for yourself.  Bring pen and paper and water.

The student that attends all three workshops will get a signed certificate from all three facilitators which can be added to their personal statement and CV.

Dates and Times:Sundays 4th November 2018, 25th November 2018 and 13th January 2019 between 3-5pm.

Cost:£35 per workshop, £90 if block book (discount of £15!)

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Location: Rodborough School Library, Witley, Surrey.

Presenter profiles:

Rachel Morris is a British Paralympic sports woman who has won Paralympic gold medals in both cycling and rowing. She took a gold medal at the 2008 summer Paralympics as a hand cyclist and eight years later in Rio she won the women’s single sculls as a rower. ‘I had Olympic dreams as a runner before having bilateral above knee amputations at 18 years old. I have a very sporty background- anything outside I could get involved in including Guides through to Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. I had the opportunities to travel to Africa and India with the Guide Association which really helped develop the other part of ‘me’ before elite Sport took over!

‘I have been an elite athlete for the last 12 years but I have taken an unusual pathway through it! My journey has developed me personally and enabled me to see The World! Whatever twists our life take, we can use it to develop ourselves, but we just need to know ways to challenge the negative thoughts and cope with the anxiety that can come about through some experiences. I have transferred sports (sailing to cycling and then into rowing!) and learnt so many new skills, learnt transferrable skills, some that I hope can help you, to help you make the ‘best version of you’ possible and cope with things that may be hard along the way. Being an elite athlete puts a lot of pressure on the individual and I know many of you feel the same with exams, expectations (perceived or real) and modern life like social media, and I know elite sport has meant I have learnt a lot of skills, ways to think better etc that will help you.’ Rachel comes from Surrey.

Miranda Banksis a performance psychologist with an extensive background in sports psychology as well as clinical neuropsychology. Miranda realised that applying the principles of sports psychology for performance worked exceptionally well not just for athletes and business leaders, but for students too. Her book ‘Fitter, Faster, Smarter: Training for a the performance of life’ was published in 2007. She now works in her three main client group: sports, business and education, helping individuals and teams to achieve their best as efficiently as possible. Her website is:

Tone Tellefsen Hughesis a Swedish Chiropractor and owner of the Luck’s Yard Chiropractic and health care clinic in Milford, Surrey. She has taught extensively to chiropractors nationally and internationally for 15 years. Tone changed her focus to support teenagers when opening her clinic in 2007, and has taught widely about health and well-being, as well as study strategies since then. She is dedicated to making a change in mindset around learning and has taught over 2300 students in the past three years.

Tone co-created the Surrey Teen Summit in 2015 with a group of local professionals in order to help and empower young people to find their inner strength and confidence. They have run over 15 workshops together since then. Tone was shortlisted for the chiropractor of the year award in September 2018 and waiting for the final result in October. Her website is:

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