Did you know that singing in a group is good for you?  Are you aware of just how good for you it is?  There is an astounding and unequivocal amount of research available that may surprise you:

Why you should be singing!

  • Singing releases endorphins into your system which leave you energised and uplifted.  People who sing are healthier than those who don’t
  • People who sing are less likely to suffer depression, make fewer doctor visits a year, take fewer medications and sleep better
  • Endorphins make us more affectionate. Who knows where that might lead….!
  • Singing is one of the few ways you can increase your lung capacity.  Lung capacity is one of the most reliable indicators of lifespan, so if you sing you could live longer
  • Singing makes us breathe more deeply than many other forms of exercise, improving aerobic capacity and releasing muscle tension.
  • Singing is way more fun than the treadmill Singing improves circulation and boosts the immune system.  It also produces a protein that reduces respiratory infections. Singing means  less coughs and colds in those winter months
  • Singing exercises the vocal chords and keep them youthful even in old age.  When you sing your chest expands, your back and shoulders straighten and your facial muscles get a work out.  Singing makes you look better
  • Singing improves mental alertness and cognitive ability.  It’s much more social than doing Sudoku.


These effects come only when you actually participate (as opposed to just listen) in music and are much more pronounced if singing is done as a group activity.  If you can talk you can sing.  Honest!

The Friday Singalong from 1pm to 2.30pm starts on 8th February.

Contact Tone Tellefsen Hughes at Luck’s Yard Clinic if you would like to know more