Sports Rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation allows the practitioner to assess and treat injuries within clinic, hospital or pitch-side settings.  The practitioner is able to create a treatment and rehabilitation plan for the patient.

Injury assessment and treatment

Assessing an injury, creating a treatment plan and rehabilitation plan to move forward.

Injury assessment and treatment follow up

Follow up appointment to reassess the injury and discuss the treatment plan moving forward.

Chinese Cupping therapy

This involves using cups which create an increase in blood flow to a localised area to help break down any tension.  Cupping can be used alongside massage as part of the treatment.

Sports massage

This involves going deeper into the muscles using different massage techniques to help break down any tension within the body.


Electrotherapy includes a range of treatments using electricity to reduce pain, improve circulation, repair tissues and strengthen muscles leading to improvements in physical functioning.

Athletic and K taping

Depending on the injury and/or diagnosis, taping will be applied to help stabilise the joints and support the muscles in order to facilitate physical movement and to decrease symptoms.