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Health Coach

Sarah Vickery is a health coach who combines her analytical experience as an engineer with a uniquely creative approach, to help you make impactful health changes and keep it fun.

What is the benefit of health coaching?

You likely know what you should do, but can’t motivate yourself to change or perhaps you can start a new diet or workout regime but can’t stick with it, this is where Sarah steps in to help.

How does health coaching work?

Together you will investigate not only what you are looking to achieve but also why you’d like to improve your health and what is holding you back. She works with your own personal strengths, presents new ideas and provides you with practical tools to help you develop lasting habits. Sarah believes in looking at the overall picture of wellbeing. Improvements in diet, movement, sleep and community create a healthy balanced lifestyle and can also support your wellbeing between chiropractic visits.

More information about health Coaching

You can hear health tips and learn about new research to help you on your health journey through Sarah’s cartoon wellness blog called PolyMoone.

Sarah is available Tuesday evenings from 6 – 8pm and Saturdays from 2 – 6pm.

A recent testimonial:

Having recently had several health coach sessions with Sarah, I found her creative approach helped me refocus on my overall wellbeing. Her manner of questioning and delivery of suggestions is both creative and motivational. Her sessions were thought provoking, and helped me to consider a variety of possible life changes to ensure my future wellbeing. Self-determination is something Sarah advocates and this definitely left me feeling energised.

– Rose

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