Strange times….if someone had told you that the world would be lockdown this year, you probably wouldn’t have believed them – we certainly wouldn’t have!

For most, our lives have changed drastically overnight.  Working from home, essential travel only, home schooling, face masks and gloves, supermarket shortages and queues – the list goes on!

Our days are normally governed by routine – alarm clocks, commutes, school runs, lunch breaks, evening meals and bedtimes.  These routines have now been turned upside down, thrown out the window!  Left to our own devices things can easily slip, but it’s important to our mental health and wellbeing to keep structure and routine.

Are you striving, only just coping or simply enjoy the time off, when we are built to build a faster more active world?  Everyone will have a different way of dealing with this situation. 

Here is our chiropractor, Vanessa Guedes story of how she is coping and building a new routine for her family:

In my tiny household, me and little monkey Beatrice have had all our meals together every single day. In a world where the house is all about the fantasy mind of a three year old everything is possible. So most days we invite Gruffalo to have tea under our pretended underground house.  Then B goes on explaining what is a Gruffalo and what he looks like….his favourite food is roasted fox, or owl ice cream and I obviously pretend to be one of those animals and say ‘Oh No, I must go now’. We have made lots of special dinners for her pretended friends and she dresses up and dances for them and so it goes on….I am scared to let the world know what goes on in my house as I will be labelled mentally unfit, but this is our normality these days!

My weird way of coping with isolation is that I have allowed myself to emerge into my daughter’s world as a protective mechanism for her, so I can keep my sanity and therefore, subsequently normality for her. I barely ever watch the news as that makes me so sad and I would rather not let our house be crippled with mental problems – all I think we need right now is to laugh and love ourselves more to get us through these tough times.

Most of our daily routine consists of slow starts, by either getting ourselves ready for outside walks, feeding ducks (the ducks are probably getting obese these days!) We also love bird watching, we are lucky enough to have a small garden and B always says Mommy the birds are eating the potatoes you planted, and I burst into laughter each time.

We have dedicated a lot of time to make gardening a priority and that has been such a rewarding, grounding activity, it almost feels as though Covid-19 was a blessing in disguise after all. Having time to bake and not have the flour is not great, but this week we have manage to find some and I made the effort to bake our favourite loaf, pistachio and lemon cake.  It was delicious and we added raspberries in the middle which made it really moist.

We also dedicate at least three times a week for B to learn how to ride a bike and make time for exercise most days. Being home all the time is really not good for anyone, nevertheless, now we have a proper routine, we are doing yoga with some Pilates and PE with Joe Wicks a few days a week. My back is much stronger and happier!

Beatrice has learnt how to love to empty the dishwasher or help washing dishes, going in the paddling pool just to pretend she is jumping on muddy puddles. We have been outside for most of the time and love being around the nature. We have a bird book and binoculars for children and that has been a lot of fun.

I finally have most of the herbs I wanted and the one I love the most and has saved me through times of anxiety was fresh out of the garden Lavender tea. I highly recommend this anyone and if you don’t like the taste just add some local honey to it and say goodbye to your hay fever too.

That’s us in a nutshell, apart from doing pebble hunting and painting them to decorate our vegetable bed in the garden nothing else has been quite so fun!