Are you feeling anxious about life after lockdown? With lockdown restrictions being slowly lifted are you worried about how to cope? You may have Coronaphobia!

Lockdown has been a different experience for each and every one of us.  Some will have relished the opportunity to relax, spend time with family, do all those jobs you never got round to doing and reflect on what is truly important to you.  Others will be seriously struggling with being cooped up indoors without work or face to face contact and, of course, the frontline key workers who have been under an enormous amount of stress.  Either way, one thing is for sure, with the easing of lockdown, there are many people out there that are fearful of leaving the security of their homes.

You could be feeling very anxious about leaving the house and all the changes that have happened in the world around you – this can affect anyone, young or old.  You may feel a little sick inside, stressed, sleeping badly or panicky – all of which are totally understandable.  You are likely to have lots of questions in your head – Do I need PPE? Will my car start?  What has changed?  What are the new guidelines? Perhaps you don’t feel they are clear enough?

Lucks Yard would like to offer you some helpful tips on how to overcome your worries

  • Reduce the amount of news and social media you look at, as it can cause your anxiety to increase with all the negative press
  • Think of the positive effects of this unprecedented situation we find ourselves in – more time spent with family and friends, talking, listening, observing and reflecting.
  • Meditation and mindfulness can really help, here is a great website that offers some great advice to get you started –
  • Speak to a friend or a family member, share your worries, they may be able to allay your concerns and help support you.
  • Look at networks such as, a great website that can offer support and advice.
  • Start a reflective/gratitude journal – jot down your thoughts and feelings, make notes of things you would like to do and how you think you could go about achieving them in little steps.
  • Exercise and healthy eating – self care!  This can help enormously with stress and anxiety.  Please click on our new blog.
  • Small steps….perhaps take a short walk around the block for your first outing, looking at the nature around you, being mindful of all the good things around you that you may have missed whilst isolating in your home

If you are feeling overwhelmed and would like to speak to a professional, we can recommend Melissa Carter for children and teens and for adults Verity Vinen.