by Nic Langlois

I went to study chiropractic not realising that there was anything they could do to help with headaches.  Let’s be honest, I didn’t think of chiropractic as any more than a variant of physiotherapy as I’d only heard about it 6 months previously and had never experienced it.

It was 6 months into college and I had another one of my bad headaches. I had had daily headaches, bad enough to wear sunglasses inside, for almost 8 years and would get full aura migraines about every 1-2 months. I was adjusted quite a few times and it was some help, but did not get rid of them completely.

It was then that the late Hugh Gemmel, a tutor at the time, suggested I had some muscular treatment to help.  He assessed me and then treated me with a student.  Well, within 3 months, I barely ever got a headache and let’s say, since then (6 years now) I have had maybe 2-4 full migraines.

This is how I came to believe in and do lots of muscular release work as it had such a profound effect on my life.  That is not to say this will work for everyone, but I had spent a fortune on drugs and neurologists and MRIs but to absolutely no conclusion or avail.  This worked for me and it may well work for you too.

It is definitely worth a try as I have seen so many people since released from the constant feeling of “swimming in custard” as I used to term it.  My daily life is definitely better, I do get the occasional headache but I can now deal with them efficiently and they do not massively affect me now.