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Michelle van Rooyen

Michelle van Rooyen

Occupational Therapist & Handwriting Tutor Specialist

I am an Occupational Therapist with over 20 years’ experience across a broad range of disciplines in the state and independent sectors. I have a special interest in supporting children, parents and teachers with strategies to facilitate better access to education and participation in activities for quality of life.

Difficulties in engaging in home and school activities of daily living may be related to the ability for the body to move in big and small coordinated patterns and at times to also sustained positions. Many other factors contributing to a child struggling can be due to strength and coordination, visual perceptual difficulties,  anxiety and the ability to attend and focus on the task.

The ability to access executive functions such as impulse and emotional control, flexible thinking as  well as adequate working memory and ability to self -monitor, plan, initiate and persist in tasks and organise will influence the quality and success of any activity. These building blocks are assessed and treated to allow the person improved occupational performance.

Difficulties at a skill and performance level are also addressed.  Handwriting is one of the many skills that children and young adults need to develop to be able to communicate their abilities from a very young age.  I am a member on the National Handwriting Association as this is one of my specialist areas of practice.  I believe that a holistic approach facilitates the development and improvement of handwriting which is as individual as the young person.

More detail on Handwritingtutor.co.uk

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