Lucks Yard Alero JenkinsAlero Jenkins

Massage Therapist

We are happy to to welcome Alero Jenkins to our Massage Team.

Alero is a highly experienced practitioner who has been involved in complementary therapies including massage, aromatherapy and Indian head massage for over 30 years and has also taught in these disciplines for a similar amount of time.

Alero says: ‘I have been involved in caring therapies for over 30 years in both clinics and a local hospital. Massage gives me the chance to release stress and tension, help to ease chronic conditions and induce relaxation. It can be beneficial for clients by helping to improve posture and can be targeted to help relieve specific issues and conditions.

I love to help people feel more positive and comfortable with their “body”.’

In addition Alero believes that massage works well as a complementary therapy to Chiropractic.

She belongs to the Guild of Therapists, MGBT.

Alero will work Tuesday evenings from 5pm – 8 pm and alternate Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoons.