At Luck’s Yard Clinic we believe that everyone deserves to get supportive and proper treatment for their health and wellbeing.

Baby check for charity donations

That is why we decided in 2013 that the new born baby check donations of £10 would go towards the treatment we offer in the clinic for children with disabilities and/or special needs.

Currently each chiropractor donates two half hour sessions per month towards new born baby checks and this equates to over £3000 of our practice time per year.  Luck’s Yard is a family clinic and we often see as many as 40% or more children during one day from newborns to 16 years.

Special needs patients

We have many children who come to the clinic with various forms of special needs such as in the autistic spectrum or as this group of girls with Down’s syndrome. The treatment varies for each child and need, but the bottom line is that everyone is worthy of care and support and this has enabled us to support 30 treatments to the equivalent of £310 since April 2013.

Being a child with a disability or a special need is not always easy, and certainly not like most childrens’ usual day.  It can be stressful at school and communicating with your peers can be more challenging than for others.  It can be harder to learn, to communicate and perform as well in some cases.  This can create tensions in the body, possibly in the muscles but also creates stresses that may affect the whole family.  Our job at Luck’s Yard is to support each child in any way we can with diagnosis, support, education and appropriate  gentle care.

Your help is invaluable to us, without the new born baby checks we would not have been able to do so, and we value your community support in achieving this.

Please tell your friends and family about our work we do both for babies and for the children, we would love your support and help to keep working in this way.

The Luck’s Yard Team.