Employees in today’s tough economic climate are taking less time off for sickness as they worry more about job security and are reluctant to stay away from the office. Recent statistics show that absence rates are at their lowest for 20 years and this is having a knock on effect on worker’s long term health and wellbeing.

One local business has seen this rising trend first hand. Luck’s Yard chiropractic clinic in Milford, Surrey has seen an upsurge in clients with stress related conditions over recent months.
Tone Tellefsen Hughes who runs the clinic said:

“I would estimate that since January, around 40% of our patients have come to us with symptoms related to stress. Often, the patient will not know how their injury has occurred but once we start looking into their lifestyle and emotional wellbeing we can see immediately that the pain and tension has been caused by stress. This is particularly common if they have had a previous injury or weakness, as pain can often recur there as a result of stress and tension.”

“It is important that businesses look at ways of preventing stress in their workforce and develop ways of helping to relieve tension in the work place if they want to avoid unnecessarily high staff sickness levels. ”

“Chiropractic treatment can help to alleviate pain caused by stress or injury through the use of soft tissue work and specific adjustments to the spine. The ultimate aim is to improve and restore joint mobility and function of the spine, pelvis, cranium and jaw. By doing so, we help the nervous system and the postural muscles work to their optimum potential. We also recommend an individually tailored strengthening programme to strengthen and educate the muscles to work more efficiently and intelligently. Sometimes, simply listening to what the patient is going through and helping to find ways to help themselves are the most effective methods.”