There’s nothing quite like a global pandemic, to contribute to one of the big problems we Chiropractors see all the time and that is…inflammation.

How can we get inflammation?

  • Many of us have been sitting for longer than we normally would (Netflix and Zoom overloads, anyone?)
  • Comfort eating the wrong foods during lockdown
  • Long term stress
  • Poor posture and poor nutrition = increased inflammation

Motion is lotion

Stiffness can occur in hips, knees, necks or backs, when we are simply not articulating our articulations enough!

How can we change that? Start with small steps…

  • If you are really out of shape, your first steps will be geared towards your current condition. Try a chair workout for seniors – you can be any age to do these, they are low impact and really safe. The Luck’s Yard Clinic app has many exercise stretches that can get your moving more freely.
  • If you’re used to exercise normally, but maybe now have the beginning of a ‘corona-belly’ from the sofa and home delivery, then it could be time to get your training gear on and do some zoom or YouTube workouts, long walks outside, take a jog or a run, or even get on your bike. Don’t overdo it though, try not to go from zero to hero in one day!
  • If you are an exercise enthusiast, you have  probably already found a way to keep going, despite lockdown, so keep it up!

As for the nutrition side of things:

Here are some recipe ideas of how to have healthy lunch dinners and breakfasts for those who want to eat healthily and reduce inflammation:

  • Breakfast: 1 egg boiled or scrambled with a small/half an avocado, and a few spoons of natural yogurt (with honey if you prefer)
  • Mid-morning snack: Nuts (a small portion) or an apple and lots of water.
  • Lunch: Chicken cooked with turmeric/mustard and mango salad with leaves and avocado oil, plus any vinegar of your choice, for dressing.
  • Mid-afternoon snack: Fruit and/or rice cake with peanut butter.
  • Dinner: Light shallow-fried fish, cooked in a frying pan with dill, lemon, onion, half a courgette and garlic, served with lots of vegetables of your choice. I personally like to have a form of carbohydrate in the evening to make sure I sleep well. My favourites are colourful and I tend to have roasted butternut squash with quinoa salad or roasted sweet potato. Being Brazilian we eat rice with anything…so we also are happy to eat fish with rice.
  • Early in the morning: Turmeric/cardamom/cinnamon tea (I used the Turmeric tea personally when I had a shoulder injury and inflammation, and really quickly my shoulder tendons returned to full function).

Wishing you all well

Vanessa Guedes

Chiropractor at Lucks Yard Clinic