What is Cancer Prevention Week?

Cancer Prevention Week, the annual awareness and fundraising week organised by World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK), promotes the message that cancer is a largely preventable disease.

During the week, WCRF UK  holds fundraising events and raises awareness that about a third of the most  common cancers could be prevented by:

  • Eating a healthy diet rich in wholegrains, pulses and legumes, vegetables and salads, fruit, nuts and seeds
  • Being more active by introducing exercise into our daily lives
  • Maintaining a healthy wait and avoiding obesity

Fruity Friday

Fruity Friday is held on 17th May 2013 when people are encouraged to wear yellow and support the WCRF initiative by eating more fruit and vegetables.

Our Nutritional Therapist, Pippa Mitchell has more tips on how to eat a nutritious diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle here: