We have four qualified Chiropractors at the Luck’s Yard
Tone Tellefsen Hughes
Mariana Ferencakova
Nic Langlois
Charlotte Tuson

All are fully qualified, experienced chiropractors with years of treatment whose patients come back time and time again in order to ensure their backs remain healthy.

All four are Members of the British Chiropractic Association and state registered with the General Chiropractic Council so you can be sure that you are receiving the very highest quality of care from qualified professionals.

Chiropractic is a health care profession that specialises in diagnosis and treatment of conditions which are due to mechanical dysfunction of the joints and muscles and the effects of these on the nervous system. The aim is to relieve pain and reduce muscle spasm, as well as helping restore movement to stiff and aching joints whilst strengthening and re-educating muscles and ligaments.

As well as providing pain relief, chiropractic care aims to improve stability, flexibility and movement of the body.

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