Customer survey – Thank you all for your incredible support!

During August we sent out some emails to help us find out how we are doing as a clinic and how well we are serving our patients.  The survey is one of the key parts of our application to the CMQM – Clinical Management Quality Mark Award.  We are applying for this for the fourth time and it helps us be vigilant in our work and maintain standards in how we treat our patients and our team of therapists.

We take great pride in ethical practice and making sure we provide the best care for our patients. The feedback from the survey was very positive and we are so grateful for your support.

In total we got 114 replies, which helped us collate statistics for our award application:

  • 8% found it was easy to book an appointment with us on reception.
  • 87% of our patients were happy with our work we offered at the clinic.
  • 92% found that their therapists explained their condition to their satisfaction at their first visit.
  • 99% of those who replied reported that we had treated them courteously and professionally. .
  • 6% of those replied felt that the treatment offered at the Luck’s Yard had benefited their health and wellbeing.


The only little niggle was our online booking system which can be found on our website, via email and on our app.  We have narrowed this down to the online system from our computer support company rather than being a problem with the app itself.  Please rest assured that we are continuing to work with the company to find ways to make it an easier and smoother process for you to book online.

NB: for those of you who use the online booking system: When you use PayPal it is essential that you make sure you get a confirmation of your booking so we know you are in the diary.  We have found that many patients think they have finished before they receive confirmation which results in them not getting into the diary system. Please do get in touch with our Reception staff if you need help with these bookings.

We are delighted with the feedback and so grateful for all our lovely patients who make our day so worthwhile and very enjoyable. We love what we do and we love helping you all be your best.

The Luck’s Yard Team.

Here are some of the testimonials we got from the customer survey. We have had so many that we have only included a few below but many more can be found on our testimonials page here:

  • The traffic light system & MOT approach were very helpful in the past.
    I am now finding the Maintenance System to keep being in the green & prevent a slide back very beneficial!
  • The location is extremely convenient. The staff are always welcoming and the
    treatment sessions I have received have been beneficial to my wellbeing and health. Thank you.
  • Very friendly professional therapists who have successfully resolved my issues with lots of encouragement- thank you!
  • I love my appointments at Lucks Yard it’s like going to see friends but with the right amount of professionalism. My wellbeing has improved enormously.
  • Visits to Luck’s Yard are therapy in themselves – it is such a positive place & the
    comraderie between practitioners and customers is brilliant, you cannot help but feel better for the experience – let alone the treatment you are there to receive. 1st class in every respect. Go Tone & Luck’s Yard Team – we love you!



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