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New footwear for school and winter
It is that time of year when busy and frustrated mums have just clad all their children with school shoes, trainers, football boots, indoor shoes etc ready for school.
Our podiatrist, Yvvette Mann, gives some excellent advice for choosing the right shoes for healthy, growing feet.
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Arthritis and your feet
Arthritis is a general term for inflammation in a joint. Many people with arthritis experience pain and difficulty moving around. There are more than 200 different types of arthritis and in the UK, arthritis affects 10 million people. Arthritis can affect people at any age, not just older people. However, you are more likely to develop arthritis as you get older. Common forms of arthritis include osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis and these frequently affect the joints of the feet.
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Healthy Feet
One of the best pieces of advice that a Podiatrist can give to their patient, is to choose the correct shape and size of shoe for their feet!!
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Interesting historical foot facts
Foot care has played an important part of health and well being through the ages in all sorts of cultures – here are just a few examples …
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Chiropody Offer
During the month of June, the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists is doing a national educational campaign to promote foot health in pregnant women, and as a result Yvette Mann is offering 10% off all chiropody treatments for pregnant ladies at Luck’s Yard Clinic, as well as professional advice on any area of foot care and any biomechanical issues of the lower limb that they may have.
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Socks for Christmas!
Socks are agreat – and economical – Christmas gift. Natural fibres are best for our winter tootsies! And 100% wool or two layers of cotton socks are fantastic at trapping a layer of heat, keeping your toes toasty and preventing chilblains and cracked skin!!
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Shoes for School
It is the start of the new school year, and as parents we are all making frantic preparations so our beloved children have everything that they should need for that first day.
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Step towards healthier feet – Taking care of your Feet for Life
Whether it’s forcing them into those oh-so-beautiful shoes that are just a bit too tight or simply neglecting the most basic of maintenance tasks, sometimes our feet take a right old battering. As part of the annual Feet for Life month in July, the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists is raising awareness of all aspects of foot care and foot health, with a special focus on the issue of Diabetes and Foot Care.
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Work Shoes
Considering the number of hours that we are on our feet for our work, the shoes that we choose to wear are paramount to the health of our feet!!
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Put a Spring in your Step
Spring is here and Easter is around the corner. We are pulling out lighter, cooler clothing and also quite probably our softer spring/summer shoes. This is an ideal time to sort through our everyday shoes. Ensure the soles are intact and heels are even and, if not, a visit to the cobblers might be a good idea.
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Orthotics – What are they?
Orthotics are casted foot devices that simply slip into your daily shoes. Their aim is to help realign the lower limb and to redistribute pressure more evenly. They are very helpful for complaints such as heel pain, metatarsalgia, back, hip and general postural problems.
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General foot care
Winter feet tend to be dry, cracked and generally sore. This can be due to cold temperatures and central heating being on constantly. A few clever tips may keep
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Winter shoes
Now we are nearing winter, we can make the most of wearing enclosed supportive comfortable shoes or boots.
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Working feet and footwear
Your choices of footwear for work are very important as we seem to spend the majority of our lives at work.!! Recently, the TUC ( the trade union congress) has called for employers to drop ‘inappropriate’ requirements for workers to wear uncomfortable or dangerous footwear.
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Podiatry for young feet.

A helping hand to make children move better!
Does your child have difficulty with walking, running or tripping over? Do they suffer with leg pains after sports day or back pain from sitting too long? Your child may benefit by getting advice from a Podiatrist to get some help with what kind of shoes to wear.
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