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Lucks Yard Clinic

The chiropractic clinic that helps you keep going …

The chiropractic clinic that helps you keep going …

Does the ‘pop’ make the adjustment more effective?

Do you expect to hear a ‘pop’ or ‘crunch’ sound whilst having chiropractic or other manual spinal therapy? And do you feel that the treatment has been more successful than when you don’t hear that sound? An audible ‘pop’ is the sound that can be heard when you have received an adjustment after you have [...]

The link between emotion and physical pain Part lll

In her final blog examining the link between emotion and physical pain, Tone gives practical advice on how we can help ourselves. So, how can we mitigate the stress in our lives? It starts with awareness, observation and then change. Breath As we mentioned in the previous blog, when we are stressed our breathing becomes [...]

The link between emotion and physical pain Part l

Tone has written a comprehensive article on the link between our emotions and the pain we feel in our bodies. This is a big subject so we have decided to divide it up in more easily digested chunks! In this first blog, she will explain more about emotional back and neck pain, what is going [...]

Scoliois – the facts

I would like to chat to you about scoliosis.  Scoliosis in children is relatively common (affecting up to 5.2%).  It is more common in girls than in boys and is very important that you pick it up quickly because faster treatment gets better and quicker results. What is scoliosis? It is an abnormal side-bending or [...]

Chiropractor Awareness week findings

As we know the lockdowns have brought many changes and challenges to all our lives whilst at work and leisure. Nearly all of us have had to make huge changes to our daily routines: our ability to exercise as we used to, changes to our work routines or being isolated from friends or family. For [...]

A thumbs up for chiropractic

Last year the General Chiropractic council commissioned research to explore the perceptions and awareness of chiropractic services across the UK. They have now published their report and it shows that public trust in Chiropractic is high with over 80% of the public confirming that this is an area of healthcare that they trust.  Awareness of Chiropractic [...]

Mind Your Posture: Gardening

As the days are getting longer, the garden is calling! The British Chiropractic Association offers advice on how to stay injury free the garden. Gardening – don’t over do it with the trowel As a nation, we love our gardens and spend a considerable amount of time and money on them. As we rush to [...]

Mind Your Posture: Lifting & Carrying (and changing a tyre!)

The British Chiropractic Association offers advice to keep you standing tall Our bodies are very well adapted to a variety of tasks, but we need to be careful not to take advantage of this and push our bodies to breaking point! Lifting Firstly, face the direction in which you want to carry the weight. Always [...]

Growing pains

"Growing pains" (GrP) is a condition most healthcare professionals have heard but few have a good understanding of, with even less knowledge about the best treatments available. Nic Langlois, one of the chirpractors at Luck's Yard has written an article on Growing Pains along with a colleague which appears in a magazine published by the International Council [...]

Chiropractic “Reality Check”

This weekend Tone went to a very exciting seminar with the lead chiropractic scientist Heidi Haavik from the Centre for Chiropractic Research in Auckland, New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Heidi is Norwegian by birth, but studied in New Zealand. When she graduated she realised that she was more interested in understanding how chiropractic works [...]

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