Join our FREE Zoom talks with paediatric chiropractor, Mike Marinus

We are so excited to share with you the opportunity to listen to four presentations from paediatric chiropractor Mike Marinus from Luck’s Yard Clinic in Milford Surrey. Mike is a South African Chiropractor with a Masters degree in Paediatric chiropractic.

Previously Mike ran his own clinic in Johannesburg which was mainly paediatric based. He also runs a paediatric network for practitioners around the world all with a special focus on supporting mothers, all new parents and children.

In this series of Zoom talks you will get a unique opportunity to hear about the most common conditions and concerns which you may encounter with a new baby, what may lie behind them and how you can offer the best parental support.

The Zoom talks will take place on Wednesdays in July and August starting at 8.00pm and below you will find dates and and a brief description of each talk and the Zoom link for the talks.

13th July: Fussy babies
There are many reasons that a baby can be ‘fussy’. But to figure out how or what may help calm them we first need to know what they want!  Understanding a human newborn’s needs means understanding what they are biologically programmed for. We will discuss this along with colicky crying, reflux, grunting and groaning and much more.  Join us for some tried and tested burping techniques and tips and tricks to release the trapped wind in your baby.

20th July: Crying
All babies cry. But why? What is a crying baby trying to tell you and why does it stop us in our tracks so effectively? Find out why babies cry, what they mean and how to read your baby’s cues and clues. Did you know there is a crying curve that all babies follow? We will explore this and why crying is your baby’s information super highway. You will leave this talk with a playbook on how to decipher your baby’s crying.

10th August: Flat shaped heads
We are seeing a much greater frequency of babies with a flat-shaped head. With just shy of 50% of all babies experiencing some sort of head flattening, it is important that we know what causes this and how to prevent it. Research is starting to show the possible detrimental outcomes of flat head syndrome but by knowing what to look for and how to avoid it, we can stop a problem before it starts. Join us for information on flat heads, what to do about them and how to avoid them

17th August: Tummy Time 
Having your baby play on their tummy while they are awake is one of the most important things you can do for your baby’s development. But how long for? Where? On what? We will talk through tummy time strategies, why it’s so beneficial for you and your baby and how you can support your baby developmentally in the first months.

We look forward to having you join us for these informative talks