Yahoo, it looks like we are about to turn the corner and start getting some warmer weather (can’t promise it will be dry though).

As the warmer weather comes we start heading back outdoors – walks over the park, gardens need tending to, starting that fitness program you keep promising to do or just enjoying your existing one.

For me, the feeling of not having to wear the hats, gloves, thick coats makes me feel so much better, more free, the fresh air and the sun starting to show itself, personally I cannot wait.

But as we all start getting off the couch and coming out of our so called hibernation just remember that your body may not be as flexible, strong and ready for the activities that you feel that you want to undertake.

Start slowly, build yourself up but as you go through your day think how your body is feeling. Does your neck ache? Lower back feeling tight and achy? Legs aching from the longer walks and additional exercise?

If so, this is where deep tissue massage may help. Deep tissue massage uses a stronger pressure, working deeper in to the muscle tissue, which helps to release tension.

Other than dealing with those aches and niggles, the other possible benefits of deep tissue massage which you may not be aware of are:

  • Helping to reduce everyday stress and anxiety
  • Promoting a sense of well being and relaxation
  • Assisting in breaking down scar tissue and adhesions from minor soft tissue injuries thereby helping to improve circulation and movement of the affected area
  • Assisting in the prevention and maintenance of soft tissue injuries (overuse)
  • It can also aid the treatment of soft tissue injury

Soft tissue and overuse injury isn’t only what happens to people who exercise and play sports.

Injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments can also happen through normal everyday activities e.g. working on a computer, kneeling or bending down for prolonged amounts of time, a slip and fall or a sprained ankle.

Don’t let things go to far before asking for help, sometimes things don’t just fix themselves.

Vanessa is available to see patients at Luck’s Yard Clinic on Tuesday mornings and alternating Friday and Saturday afternoons.  Please call Reception on 01483 527945 to book an appointment.