In 2012 we welcomed  student, Daniella Colores Jorden from the AECC who was writing her thesis on newborn babies visiting a private clinic as compared to a teaching clinic.

We have summarised her information on the 225 babies we have seen here at Luck’s Yard to give you an insight into this valuable service that we offer.

Since 2009 Luck’s Yard Clinic has offered parents a 30 minute baby check for their newborns for which they pay £10 which is then donated to charity.

We offer two baby checks per chiropractor per month.

During 2013 we have seen 53 babies and parents have donated £530 to charity so far. We have donated the equivalent of £2544 of our time for this work during this period.

Since 2009 parents have donated approximately £4150 in total to charitable causes including the Safe Delivery Trust and the Special Care Baby Unit, both at the RSCH in Guildford.

Most of patients coming to Luck’s Yard are from word of mouth and NCT classes. We also receive referrals from local midwives.

What happens during the Baby check:

  • We take a careful case history
  • Examine the babies posture, alignment, the hips, feet, clavicles, and joints
  • Spinal muscular balance
  • Cranial alignment and tension
  • Facial  and jaw tension
  • Abdominal and diaphragm tension 

Why we do we offer the newborn Baby Check?

  • Making it affordable for parents
  • Enabling more people to have their babies checked by a manual therapist.
  • Allows us to make regular contributions to charities in our local community

Our most common clinical findings include:

  • Cranial dysfunction 
  • Upper spinal joint dysfunction
  • Restriction of spinal movement
  • Diaphragm tension
  • Facial muscle tension
  • Issues with ability to feed well


The chiropractor will examine the baby’s postural alignment and soft tissue balance.  The purpose of the baby check is to give advice, support and guidance. We are not offering a treatment during this session.  We may however discuss your baby’s developmental and postural changes.

We are currently using these funds for the benefit of our paediatric patients with special needs.  With the monies raised we will be able to donate £10 towards the cost of each appointment.