Modern lifestyles are far more pressured and this coupled with planning conception later than in previous years can cause some fertility issues.  A UK fertility survey published in 2007 suggests that fertility issues are twice as common as previously thought (National statistics and therefore may cause problems for one in three people.

Factors that may affect fertility issues can be age, diet, lifestyle (including environmental and occupational hazards), medical history and stress.  The prime reproductive age is 35 and below, but many people today opt to start a family later than this due to modern lifestyle changes.

There are a number of steps one may take to enhance fertility and I am suggesting a couple of non-invasive treatments that may assist in helping fertility issues.

 Reflexology is a method of activating the healing powers of the body through manipulation of the feet.  It is an energy therapy based on balancing all the systems of the body thus aiming to achieve homeostasis.  Many fertility issues are a result of a hormone imbalance and since Reflexology is all about balance, it may be able to assist in this area.

At Luck’s Yard, I see people by first taking a full general and gynaecological history and look at their lifestyles and also nutritional status.  From this I work out a course of treatment to fit around their specific needs, whether they are trying naturally or going for assisted conception.

Coupled with this Manual Lymphatic Drainage may be incorporated into the treatment to further enhance fertility issues.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a highly specialised massage technique involving a gentle palpation of the skin, working on the connective tissue and stimulating the lymph flow.  One of the benefits of this treatment is aimed at removing toxins from the body and therefore may be useful at the start of a pre conception programme as a detoxifying treatment.  The lymph system is a key factor in the immune system, acting as the body’s waste disposal system, clearing away toxins, cell debris and bacteria.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage may assist in removing blockages in the system.  Also, by focusing on the groin area where many lymph nodes are located may assist in improving the blood supply to the pelvic area.

Immune problems are increasingly believed to be a contributing factor in infertility issues particularly in this new area of Reproductive Immunology where a number of antibody issues may be investigated.  This can often be costly and require invasive treatments.  Reflexology and Manual Lymphatic Drainage may be a useful alternative if one is looking for a natural non-invasive route, by balancing the hormones and antibody output and detoxifying the body.

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